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Molecule building crafting system idea
03-20-2014, 03:39 PM (This post was last modified: 03-20-2014 03:46 PM by Jupelius.)
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Lightbulb Molecule building crafting system idea
I had a great idea for building stuff, "kinda" like in a real world.

Basicly you would build stuff by placing giant molecules, which would make the terrain. They could be like a 10 centimeters in radius. And they would make a voxels with algorithm. The idea came to me, from the chance between newer and older graphics system in the game.

So you would collect different materials, like iron.

You would not do nothing just with 1 iron. You would need more and combine them. Also you would need a electron to fasten the building...
With 2 iron, you would make rolling molecules. They would behave like a water. That way you could fill all the holes in ground and level the bumpy ground.
3 iron would make a triagle molecules, that rolls in the ground, but other molecules would not push them around. So you would be able to build platforms and solid pyramid. (You could then dig it afterwards, to be hollow one)
4 iron would give you a square type molecule, and you would be able to build a house easily, because they would always aling themself with others.
5 Iron would make a pentagon molecule, which would be great to build tower roofs and some things... I dont know Big Grin They don't connect to very far mathematically Wink
6 iron would give you a 3D hexacon grid molecules. And it would give you a fast complex building system. Because they would align themself easily.
7 Molecules would give you a sticky molecule, that just sticks to other molecyles and ground, where you would just throw them...

Smaller than type 3 would have gravity and larger would not...

So the energy system for them... You would collect "energy" / "electrons" in variety ways. And the more you would place the energy to molecules, the faster they would grow to be a ground.

Basically 6 type iron molecule would take 6 minutes to complete. But combine with 3 energy and it would make it in 3 minutes. So the more complex molecules would take more time, and you would want to give them more energy. Or just wait patiently... Smile

Also different molecules could have different alchorythm to create the surface to terrain...

Then there would be a basic digging systems for the character, and also a carving!

The carving would give you a finer way to carve decorations for walls and everything... Then the world would be like ours, because we often make bigger simpler shapes and then carve them smaller and more detailed.

So what you think of my idea?
I just suggest it now, because the system is in some sort of phase, so i'm hoping that the building systems are still just just shaping up, becouse 3D building is always limited with the input systems, we have now to play the games. Maybe in future you could just build without thinking Smile But now it has to be a clever system Smile

Hope Aaron atleast reads this... Tongue

I think a "carving" should be a feature, even if all the above would not be a good implement to the game!
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