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Looooots of ideas
03-24-2013, 09:38 PM (This post was last modified: 03-24-2013 09:48 PM by Nicolas.)
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Looooots of ideas
(sorry for my english)

I have lots of ideas ,I am aware that I am dreaming and that everything I say is almost impossible, but I hope it will at least interrest you Tongue

-A multiplayer mode , two team of +/-4 players , two islands, two fortress , make a strong armor and weapons with the underground ressourses and capture the enemy flag! (not very original ^^)

-Someting like 4 different surface Biomes, 3 different Dungeons

-Northern plains, with Greek ruins and a Minotaur as guardian , marshs , big forests , and adoptable white wolfs [Image: loupz.png] (level medium)

-Jungle ,with maya pyramid ruins ,traps and an enigma to protect the tresure , waterfalls , and adoptable jaguar [Image: jagg.png], (level hard)

-Jurassic , litle zone with volcanoes , adoptable raptors (level hard)

-Desert ,with rare egyptian ruins with Anubis as guardian (strongest creature) [Image: anubism.png], and a GREAT tresure , oasis, and adoptable blue cats(level very hard)

-Possibility to enchant a wall which cannot be destroy

-Possibility to find part of weapons in chest or on creatures (knobs, handle etc...),
[Image: armesz.png]
And find ornaments for our animals in ruins chests,
ex on blue cat:
[Image: chatbleu2.png]

-Possibility to decorate our armors with jewels and then enchant them ,

-Possiblity to hit 2 or 3 times the terrain before "destroy" it,

-Epic music for ruins guardians fight ,
i made a little song like 3 month ago , and found it very good for Anubis,
just have to make it more medieval )

-Pirates on the sea!

-butterflies Big Grin

-Possibility to build a rocket to go on moon, and capture an alien fortress! (lol) Big Grin

Finnaly lot of things i said are not difficult to do , i already made and animate the white wolf in 3D just to try , and I modeled a lantern too, i can modelise lots of things like creatures or objects if necessary!

(I changed things in the game, like textures , i gonna upload my version soon)

I unfortunately do not know code Undecided

I hope you have understood my bad english Big Grin
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03-25-2013, 01:53 PM
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RE: Looooots of ideas
Nice to hear from you again! Big Grin

It's great to see someone still putting ideas into this ^_^

I'd love to see some of your reskins and models! Big Grin

"No Excuses. No Apologies. No Regrets."
[Image: sabotagethefoolsmall.jpg]
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