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Roll To Dodge: The Beggining
08-03-2012, 08:45 AM (This post was last modified: 08-03-2012 09:03 AM by unwoundpath.)
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RE: Roll To Dodge: The Beggining
(08-03-2012 07:09 AM)powerofwar Wrote:  
(08-01-2012 09:16 PM)unwoundpath Wrote:  A one is a one, and means super fail, if 2 probably only would have stumbled, as there is not many things to fail at on stairs.

So basically, I just got unlucky rolls? Ok, but doesn't my stats or something make that less likely to happen?
Yeah, but it still can happen.

Sabo (SabotageTheFool) (Roll: 4)

Checks the bushes for loot from his target.

You check the bushes, and it was wolf, so probably a good thing you killed it outright, or it might have gotten a quick bite on you. No loot, but you could skin with your knife. Not that that would be useful, besides a bit of coin at a store.

Name : Sabo
Race : Dark Elf
Description: A dark elf magic thief, trained in stealth, magic and the short blade.
Medium length messy hair with a purple tint to it, dark blue skin with intense red eyes.
Inventory : (1/10)
Ceremonial Dagger - Originally used in Blood Magic rituals, a sharp magical metal blade.

Equipped : (1/10)
Magus Staff - Channels magic from my body, tough enough to defend me physically if needed.

Active Abilities : Magic Missile - An arcane missile with no elemental alliance.

Passive Abilities :

Conditions :

Powerofwar (Powerofwar) (roll: 4)

Smashes the locked door with his hammer

You take a step back and smash the door with your hammer, taking off a huge chunk in the middle, you hear a faint cry of fear from the other side, but it appears to have something on the other side of the door, it was not locked.

Name : powerofwar
Race : Semi-Human
Description: Medium height with large eyes and pointed ears. Weathered clothes and a few scars.
Age : 12 Big Grin
Inventory : (0/10)

Equipped : (1/10) Iron Sledgehammer

Active Abilities : Can change into a cat-like thing, extreme sense of balance and hearing.

Passive Abilities :

Conditions :Human form

MT Phobe (Gabbybob) (roll: 1)

Heads for the last door upstairs.

You Head for the last door, only to see you can do nothing, as the cat-man is trying to break it down with his hammer, to not much success, it seems.

Name : MT Phobe
Race : Human
Description: (Not very good with descriptions, I'll think of something later)
Inventory : (2/10)
-Battle axe
-Leather hat

Equipped : (1/10)
-Bucket helm

Active Abilities : Can run on water

Passive Abilities :

Conditions :

Benguin (Ben) (Roll: 3)

Butchers the wolf, wrapping the meat in leaves

It was kinda silly to try that with a greatsword, but you tried nevertheless. A little bit later you have a few chunks of meat that still have much of the fur on them in some leaves.

Name : Benguin

Race : Penguin

Description : I'm deceivingly strong, though short. I grew up sliding down snow mountains in the south, but grew tired of the cold and left in search of adventure and maybe fame or money. My alignment is chaotic/chaotic (I can neither confirm or deny that I'm either good or evil at any given moment in time.)

Inventory : (4/10)
Fish (4)
Bread (2)
Beer (2)
Wine (3)

Equipped : Greatsword

Active Abilities : Can cast spells, though mostly they are limited to doing things like setting the blade of my sword on fire, or driving lightning down the blade.

Passive Abilities : +1 to dramatic effect. Can swim and stay submerged in water for semi-extended periods of time (about half an hour.) Can slide down snowy or (reluctantly) muddy terrain with swiftness.

Conditions : Short: Can't reach the top shelf of cereal :'C

Sigismund (ZiggyPox) (Roll: ?) (nothing to roll here, is your introductory roll.)

Walks out of the forest, looking for entrance to INN.

The Leshy stumbles out of the forest, towards a inn, BED... It says weakly before stumbling in the door to see that the place is a mess and there is no-one behind the counter.

Name : Sigismund
Race : Leshy(humankind)
Description: Leshy is a creature in posture and intelligence similar to other humans (and they might be easily mistaken as one), with stronger body and light greenish skin.
Leshy people live in settlements that are called "Gord", closely to forest and powers of nature, but they do not worship them like druids do. However, they do respect these powers and harvest them for their own gain.
As common human is tending his field, common Leshy is tending his part of forest living in perfect balance. Every foreigner must be granted a "Glejt" before entering past marketplace.

They are in costant quarrel with Elves, because Leshy don't see forest as something "sacred".
They prize dwarven crafts and Dwarfs enjoy variety of leshys' goods.

Leshy greeting is "vědě".

Sigismund is a spellsword haghunter and rather straightforward. Meddling in other peoples business is his hobby.

Inventory : (1/10)
Small sigil jar (can storage energy of elements)

Equipped : (1/10)
Talwar (thrusting sabre with heavy tip)

Active Abilities :
Hexing: magic used to direct allready exiting power in variety of ways, like repelling, reflecting, channeling, inverting, blocking, dispersing etc.

Little bit of mechanics down there ▼▼▼
For exaple, magic bolt might be hexed for inversion, to make it come back at the caster, but this is (very)hard. Better idea would be to hex sword for reflection, to redirect magic bolt by parrying. What won't be redirected in jedi style will make impact on metal (be it heat, force or cold).
Fireball could be dispersed into hot air, depending on power of spell. So weak fireball would turn into warm breese but stronger spell might be as pleasant as open blast furnace.
Also things like cold of ice can be channeled into body of enemy. For fun.

Passive Abilities :

Conditions :
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