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Bug List A 0.40 (Might be actively updated, but no promises)
01-31-2012, 12:36 PM
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Bug List A 0.40 (Might be actively updated, but no promises)
- Placed and picked up torches don't stack on the original stack of torches. Not sure if that is true with other stacked items, but will check shortly.

- Cannot pick things up under water. This gets on my nerves as a log from a tree rolls into the ocean!

- Hammer does nothing except make a tree chopping noise when used on trees. It does not actually chop down trees.

--Brennan Anderson
My Gear: A Mac, a PC, and a LOT of music software. I also play real instruments.
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01-31-2012, 01:52 PM
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RE: Bug List A 0.40 (Might be actively updated, but no promises)
If you're not going to actively update this, shouldn't you let someone else take over the thread? Tongue I guess Thomas, Sean, or I could still edit it though Tongue

EITHER WAY! here's what I've found.

First, I'm going to respond to bugs in the last version...

B = Bug
A = Aaron's Answers
* = Anomaly
E = Easter Eggs

B1 "Q == Weapon Change"
Not for me, I need to click in the inventory.

===Q now cycles through all stacks of materials in your inventory. E cycles through all tools in your inventory.

B2 [*] Changed exit to shift-escape
But Tab-Escape STILL exits, so the Esc meme is revived when trying to leave the inventory.
===This is still true.

B3 G == Put good things on the wall
Meant to be thrown the same as Torches, this doesn't happen, you can throw the spikes in your inventory, these stick as they are meant to, but you can do that only once.

===G is no longer listed in the key listings. Spikes, also, seem to be out of this version of the game, though it seems to be unintentional as Aaron Bishop commented that "Torches and Spikes are now collectible."

B4 Ores aren't picked up.
You mine through them normally but they never pick up like other materials.

===This was been addressed. When ores are mined, the player receives nuggets of that ore, whether it be coal, copper, tin, mithril (not diamonds), or gold...

B5 If you "material jet pack" high enough, you can see through the edges of the map to see the moon and sun as they rise, they'll be cut off at a point then reappear.
===This is still true, as well as in the follow bug...

B6 Pressing Shift + F7 (Load Map) will do one of two things:
- If you haven't opened the inventory yet, you will enter a No-Clip style mode where all trees disappear, all items are gone in your inventory and you can pass through the earth, if you have a map saved it will be on this map that you're No-Clipping.
- If you HAVE opened the inventory, the game will crash.
===Both of these bugs are still in the game.

B7 Holding right click and left click (building actions) whilst the inventory is open shows particles as though it is building, but it doesn't actually build anything (pressing F and B in inventory also still throws bombs and torches).
===This has been fixed. You can still move and jump while the inventory is open, but you cannot do any sort of building, real or otherwise.

B8 If you mine a surface with spikes or a torch attached you get a strange blue debris in your inventory as if you're mining and picking up their place holder.
(credit to FarmerZaku for isolating the location of the blue debris)

===This material is no longer lootable, but when you mine an area with a torch on it, you can still see the debris from it. You can, however, collect torches when you mine the surface they are on.


*1 Due to thrown items being unable to be picked up and no Q to change, you can drop all tools and be left unable to do much else in game.
===Tools are now lootable, so this cannot happen this way. Clearing the inventory by loading the map will leave you with nothing, however.

*2 Spear is held in such a way it's swung like a club rather than stabbing like a spear.
===The spear is not accessible in this version, though the axe, pick, and hammer all have different animations, so I expect the spear will follow suit when it rejoins the game.

*3 If you look directly down and hold back, or look directly up and hold forward whilst jumping, you'll jump much higher.
===Still true, and still fun/useful. Conversely, holding W while looking down and jumping will make you perform a small hop instead. S while looking up and jumping does the same.

*4 Selected material not highlighted anywhere, so you need to memorize the keys.
===You now hold your selected material in your hand, with a number in the bottom right to show how much remains. Materials are cycled by pressing Q.

*5 Because you can't right click to place object, only throw them from the inventory, you often won't get it the right way up.
===This is no longer true for the crafting station objects and dorf models. When thrown, they will slowly rotate until they are standing upright int he proper position. Tools

*6 Map Generation is "Broken", you will get the same map every time with the settings that you choose, so you can map map "Recipes" to get certain maps each time, but means if you want to play a different map you need to change the values, and there is no instamagic random map generation.
===This is not entirely true anymore. Every generation of a map will result in a slightly different map, though it seems that hills, caves, and mountains will be in the same general area with the same settings...

*7 Typing in Steam messages still controls the character in game, throwing bombs, torches and moving. Less messy with no auto spawn Saw Bench and Furnace. This will be in until an actual pause is introduced.
===I have not tested this, but I imagine it is still true as this game was not meant to be used with Steam.

E1 The furnace has a smiley face on the bottom of it Smile
===Still true, but it would seem that the furnace is special, as it is the other crafting station that has something of this nature.


Now for the new bugs...

-Hammers allow you to attack Zombis without destroying terrain, making them actually pretty useful. Axes, however, only destroy trees, and kill zombis much faster.

-As for torches, I found that when you FIRST throw a torch, if you catch it in mid air it will stack with the originals. If it lands, however, it will not, even if thrown again.

-There is no way to combine stacks of items in the inventory. If you reach over 1000 of stone, for example, and build with the larger stack, you cannot combine the stacks so you have a stack of 1000 and a smaller stack again.

-While you cannot loot anything while you are underwater, you can, however, loot items that are underwater as long as you are not underwater. You will not be able to see the item through the surface of the water, however, so it is quite difficult.

-Dragging and dropping a building material out of your inventory will cause you to drop it and lose it forever, as it will fall through the world. Dropping materials does not currently drop a collectible item as all other items do...

-The "stone jetpack" as it has been called still works with both normal debris and block depris, but is now much more difficult with normal debris. Block depris allows you to go extremely high extremely easily, however.

-Because of how player collisions work right now, falling a great distance causes you to bounce a great distance back upward. This was present in previous versions, but was never mentioned.

-Mining stone is not possible with the copper pick. However, this can be circumvented by building through stone with dirt. After doing so, mining the area will not only be possible, but with retrieve both your used dirt and the stone that was there.

-You collect about twice as much material as you use. For example, placing 20 units of dirt will yield 40 units of dirt if mined again.

-Cycling through materials and tools does not change based on what oreder they occur in the inventory. You can, however, change the order they are cycles through by clicking on them in the inventory in the desired order. For example, click the Copper Lick, Heavy Pick, Axe, and Hammer will change the order the tools are cycled through to that. It works the same for materials.

-The spheres that mark the horizon seem to rest slightly below the visual horizon. This was present in older version but never mentioned (I don't think it was, anyway...)

-Zombis will spawn anywhere, not just near grimstone. This is the case for both natural spawning and for pressing Z to spawn them.

-You can see where trees will be chopped at in you stand at a lower altitude and look up at them.

-Trees, as in older versions, reach a certain point where they simply disappear instead of doing something like becoming a stump.

[Image: AxwWvY1.png]
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01-31-2012, 01:55 PM
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RE: Bug List A 0.40 (Might be actively updated, but no promises)
Ahead of you with the bug thread thing, just made a new one under the old layout XD

"No Excuses. No Apologies. No Regrets."
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