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Alpha .39 Is Out
12-26-2011, 08:59 PM (This post was last modified: 12-26-2011 09:13 PM by HolyyDuck.)
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Alpha .39 Is Out
As I'm writing the I'm downloading the update, there is no post with it, just a download link so I wont be updating with any new info.

As this post lacks info;

The Stuff in the backpack/inventory looks messy, try dragging stuff around Wink
Linux Version IS Broken
Lords of Uberdark v0.39
Controls for this version are as follows...
WSAD == Move
12345 == Material Selection
Tab == Open / Close Inventory
Q == Weapon Change
R == Respawn
Space == Jump / Swim
Control == Cube mode
F == Put fire on the wall
G == Put good things on the wall
B == Throw a bomb
N == Spawn a SawBench
M == Spawn a Furnace
C == Speed the Day/Night cycle along
F7 == Export Map
Shift-F7 == Import Map
Shift-Escape == Exit Game
Hold right mouse button to bring up plopping
sphere... Press left while so doing to plop
Aaron Bishop - Programming & Art
Cody Burrow - Art
Adam Laurie - Art
Ramil Voronov - Art
Brennan Anderson - Composer

Changes from version 0.38...
[ ] Broke Zombi and Tree and Water
[-] Got debris working in inventory (partially complete)
[*] Got inhand weapons working again
[*] Show object stack counts
[*] Helper function to add to inventory
[*] Rotate objects as they're moved in inventory
[*] Click and drag objects in player inventory
[*] Draw objects in player inventory
[*] Spawn each templated object into player's inventory on start
[*] Made torches and spikes throwable
[*] Added lord dorf object
[*] Added sword object
[*] Added spear object
[*] Added knife object
[*] Added club object
[*] Added anvil object
[*] Added heavy axe object
[*] Added heavy pick object
[*] Added player object
[*] Added automatic object loading (all in directory)
[*] Added TEMPLATE.TXT file to every object
[*] Improved object collisions and stacking
[*] Rewrote object system
[*] Fixed problem with player-object collisions
[*] Changed exit to shift-escape

Have fun, Ducky.


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12-26-2011, 09:01 PM
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RE: Alpha .39 Is Out
-opens inventory, hits Esc to exit it, closed game- FUUUUUU
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"No Excuses. No Apologies. No Regrets."
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12-28-2011, 12:15 PM
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RE: Alpha .39 Is Out
Yeah, I noticed that too. I guess you didn't quite CHANGE it, just added a new way to leave! ^-^b

I am liking the advances in the game, but the breaking of those key features does make this version rather unplayable... o.o

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