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Progress-O-Meter Alpha 0.52
05-26-2015, 08:05 AM
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
One million things at a time. Wink Aaron's brain can take it!
(*Continues plotting suggestions*)

I play too many games at once.
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05-26-2015, 10:07 AM
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
While we're on the topic of throwing large and complex ideas at Aaron, I've got a few, one of which has already been mentioned...

1. Terrain smoothing. I like the unit size for various "blocks" and such. I agree that they maybe should be a little less tightly packed, too, but what I'd like to see most of this front is terrain smoothing like others have mentioned, similar to how it was in the past. Voxels were plopped wherever they may be, but the terrain would connect different voxels and form a smooth surface overall. I'm sure it'd be tedious to do in the beginning, but all you really have to do is smooth out voxels if there is X amount of air present, so the surface and cave systems will be smoothed, but nothing else will. Also, it'd probably be best if this only happened with "raw" materials so that we could have actual block/brick variants like stone slabs or wooden planks to build with without having smoothing occur.

2. Tree felling. After years and years of minecrafting, I can safely say that one of the most frustrating things about the game when played Vanilla was the process of breaking trees. TreeCapitator was one of my favorite mods because it made felling trees a feasible thing to do. I think Uberdark has a good chance here to do things properly and make ACTUAL tree-felling a thing. Trees are already made up of multiple pieces similar to how it is in Terraria/Starbound, so all you need now is allowing them to fall over. Having branches break when falling would be cool, but leave the main trunk as it is now - I don't mind chopping up the logs as long as I can actually reach them. Tongue

3. Blueprinting. This has also been mentioned several times already, even by you, Aaron, but I'll give you my own vision of it. Imagine you go to a project table to draw out some structure, or part of one. We'll go with an archway because that's been mentioned. You activate the table and select "New Blueprint" and as long as you have a blank blueprint in your inventory (or whatever, that's just an idea), you go into a designer. Free movement, no clipping, flight, etc. You have unlimited resources in this mode because you're not actually using anything. Perhaps you have limited dimensions based on a tier of Project Table or something. You fly around, plop your blocks, and you get everything looking just the way you want. When you're done, you simply save the blueprint and you're back at the table. You can also edit existing blueprints in much the same way. When you're ready to build, you have some set of tools for building a blueprint (perhaps based on the materials used, or the amount, etc.) and you use some tool to show where you'll be plopping it just like with current plopping of blocks. Once your ghostly image is in place, you place it, which sets your Dwarf to work building it for a short time (based on complexity of the blueprint). When done, you marvel at your own greatness. Big Grin

So yeah, that's what's on my mind about the game atm.

Also, video coming soon. :3

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05-26-2015, 10:37 AM (This post was last modified: 05-26-2015 10:46 AM by Weridoguy.)
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
Josh, I think your third idea is really, really good. Good job. Or as we say in Japan:

I play too many games at once.
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05-26-2015, 01:22 PM
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
Oh, I ever did a concept art for blueprint-making mode long time ago:

[Image: 79Chf.png]

The idea was to lay it down in world, kind like a big cloth and then build on it and bag it as a project-blueprint.

But I like idea of a table much, much more....

brb, concepting.
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05-27-2015, 08:13 AM
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
Have been working on a few new models... Will look into VS to see what it's all about - could see having a world designer mode
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05-27-2015, 08:26 AM
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
Voxel sniper is a plugin for minecraft where you paint with voxels. You can set the size, shape(square or cube), and just paint regularly. You can choose if you want the center of the voxel to be where you point, or if you want the voxels to just connect.

You can overwrite the block type with a different brush, and there's a lot of different settings for it, such as having a special brush that randomly paints dirt instead of grass for example. You could also choose to only paint on top of what you're painting on. To only overwrite one type of block. That could even be air, thus making you not overwrite anything previously placed.

Then there's several other tools, such as smooth, which just smooths out the voxels–pretty basic. Then there's melt, which is basically smooth, only it sort of blurs the voxels, so instead of just removing voxels, it moves them sort of like liquid.

It's really easy to use, it's amazing, really customizable and amazing. (x4)

I play too many games at once.
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05-27-2015, 09:38 AM
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
Ziggy, the "fill with whatever material" isn't a bad idea, but tbh I'm not sure how I feel about it. I can't name anything immediately that I see as "wrong" with it, but I'm apprehensive about it for some reason. Maybe I'm just being weird, I dunno.

If I had to pick something, I guess it would be build requirements. Being able to work with stone would use different tools than working with wood, etc, and if you're just filling in a hologram more or less, it removes that aspect of it. If your project needs 10 wood and 50 stone, it would probably take longer to build than the same project if it just used 60 wood, too, but in a freehand system like that, it wouldn't matter.

Kinda nitpicky, but eh, there ya go.

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05-27-2015, 06:56 PM
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
Yeah Nubcake, that was concept made looong time ago (imgur says 3 years ago hehe) for previous engine so it is little outdated. Now it wouldn't work so well.

I was drawing new and better concept but we have bussy month at company with 10h workday so I'm too tired Sad maybe at weekend. But I can write my idea down now!

Soooo... do you remember "Spore" game? They had that quite fun mode where you were creating your monsters and buildings on sort of a table:
Kerbals have something like that:

So why not to reinvent it in uberdarks own dworfish mode? With camera zoomed on design table with our own huge dorf taking notes in the background (and that would be also good way to see our dorf from time to time).

And then You would just place it in the world in form of shadow you can fill but I don't know it you would just use some kind of a tool that would suck right materials out of your pocket or that you have to pick right type of material but shadow will snap them in right place.


Aaaand if we are allready making wishes I would like some different crafting mode than in other games. Like, in minecraft I was always ending with lots of useless junk just because I made it in advance and these were basic stuff, like slabs or stairs.

I had this idea of "lathe" stations in creating broad groups of materials like timber to->beams to->planks to->sticks, basic objects you can allready use to build lot of things.
But then comes the fun part: the VARIETY MENU. You could hold-click in your backpack, say, TIMBER to change it into PALLISADE but when you are done with it you can change it back into TIMBER or lets say LONG POLE or LOG CHAIR. BEAMS could transform into WOODEN BLOCK or WOODEN ARCH etc.

Less clutter and inventory juggling, more options. Of course more complicated objects would still require crafting stations and different raw gropus, like planks and iron rings for barrels.

This variety menu thing could be to easy so the way to upgrade it, step-by-step, could be, I think, a kind of subinventory, a TOOL BELT that would work as passive perks. It would have place for tools for different kinds of materials: chiesels, saws, hammers and by upgrading this belt in variety and quaility of tools you would open new options for craftings and varieties. In normal games it would be a skill tree that you need to grind, here it would be a tool collection that you have to build (for me dorfs are masters of any craft from the birth Tongue ).

But I might be butting too much into this games design .-. With such intrusive ideas I should rather make my own game rather than force it on the other creator hehe. So sorry Aaron if I'm bit to naggy with these suggestions, I have read in interviews with other game designers that community suggestions can be tiresome ^^''
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05-28-2015, 08:37 AM
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
The suggestions are always welcome! I actually modeled up the Drafting Table and Blueprints this morning -- was thinking (in the short term anyway) to match the copy/paste with the Drafting Table -- so it projects a little copy cube area into the world, you plop down the blocks you want in that copy area, then use the Drafting Table to create a Blueprints item that contains all of the plops from the copy area. Was thinking eventually the paste would be filled by helper Dorfs -- but think doing it directly is fine for now.

New Hatchet and Clay Pipe models are done too
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05-28-2015, 09:24 AM
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RE: The New And Improved Progress-O-Meter
Ziggy, I'm sure that as Aaron says, the suggestions are indeed always welcome. In this case at least, Uberdark is still taking form, so suggestions are imperative to the game's development. I'm sure in other games, suggestions can be tiresome if the game is already "done" more or less, as some suggestions are fundamental changes of how the game works and the like.

Hooray for clay pipes! I'm sure durdur will be pleased. Tongue

Also, yeah, the mechanism you mentioned is a good placeholder for Drafting Tables/Blueprints for the time being. It's not perfect, but it makes it usable and has the right concept at least, so that's cool. Big Grin

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