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Thoughts on Building Interface - aaron - 09-22-2011 11:59 AM

Hi folks,

Was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on the building interface, or more specifically, how to implement it in a more user-friendly manner. Have been thinking to maybe do it so you first put down a plane (oriented to any direction and centered on a specific point) -- then your plopping sphere/cube gets stuck to that plane.

Not really 100% happy with that though...

Also thought to maybe only allow building upwards from the ground, or building off of existing blocks.

Does anyone have any feedback on the building system?

RE: Thoughts on Building Interface - SabotageTheFool - 09-22-2011 12:53 PM

If you don't have building upwards from the ground (ie have it as it is) you'd need a destroy button (for only what you have made) or better still some form of undo button as I've found it's REALLY easy to mess up your whole creation with one miss-click.

I'm sure you're implimenting it, but different brush sizes?

As for the placing a plane thing that makes the whole thing sound a bit.. planned, if you get what I mean? Some of the best building I've done I've just started placing blocks, not preparing an area for it etc. Though an option to do so for preparing a housing area etc would be good.

Auto walls may be an idea, as in placing two pillars, which are then automatically joined by a solid straight wall (if you have enough material, within a placed plane Tongue) So that houses look decently formed.

RE: Thoughts on Building Interface - iAreNubcake - 09-22-2011 02:07 PM

A few things that I think would be nice additions:

- Different brush sizes (scalable with +/-?)
- Better/more accurate methods of material destruction. For example, destroying things in a smaller area, a straight line, or only a certain material.
- The plane definition idea could be useful... Pick a center, flip and rotate the place to your needs, alter the size, and you can only build inside it. Sounds nice.
- Building only off of blocks taht are already there would make buildings more interesting. If all else fails, people could simply destroy unwanted blocks afterward...
- If you implement the ability to build large things in 1 click, perhaps you should add a readout somewhere of how much of a material it will require to build whatever it is.
- Perhaps adding a sloped building tool for angled roofs or natural-looking landscapes?

I think that's about it for now. o.o

RE: Thoughts on Building Interface - SabotageTheFool - 09-22-2011 03:02 PM

Other than the ability to actually destroy the Firepots Tongue

Also if placed close enough to a vertical wall could they be made into smaller wall mounted lighting?

RE: Thoughts on Building Interface - Mantalayer - 09-22-2011 03:05 PM

One thing I noticed when using the square plopping tool is that it became kind of annoying having my view locked on a grid while placing them. I didn't have as much of an issue not being able to look left or right as I did not being able to look up and down.

RE: Thoughts on Building Interface - Mantalayer - 09-22-2011 06:19 PM

Also, I was talking to my friend, David, and we came up with this while playing around in the alpha. This would allow you to also build flat surfaces without being restricted by a grid.

Also worth mentioning, he made this in paint.

RE: Thoughts on Building Interface - SabotageTheFool - 09-22-2011 08:40 PM

I've been drinking, that fried my brain >_< I'll look again tomorrow.

RE: Thoughts on Building Interface - iAreNubcake - 09-22-2011 09:01 PM

Not a bad draw-up... the only problem I have is with the double-posting. o.o

RE: Thoughts on Building Interface - SabotageTheFool - 09-22-2011 09:08 PM

TBF it says they're 3 hours apart lol

RE: Thoughts on Building Interface - ZiggyPox - 09-24-2011 10:29 AM

Or meaby the "blueprint" mode? There would be another interface (something looking like 3d max or blender) where you can project and store your designs (eg. Archimedes' screw-like stair segment for the tower). Then you could put it in form of "ghost", blue-ish version of what you will be building. It would "stick" to covering parts as it would normally do and also contain "ghost" of objects, like doors or light (you can also place them from your inventory from "blueprint designer" interface). After that You can go watch project from different sides and if everything is ok just "fill" this blueprint. It won't let you build outside it boundaries but You can change material.

You could also use "blueprint" in free hand mode. Starting building stuff as now we do (with nifty extras like sticking to surface) and then check it in >>"blueprint designer" interface<< from all sides, meaby add or remove something and then again, fill everything up.