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Somebody find Aaron Bishop - durdur - 03-17-2017 12:29 AM

Well, registration is broken, (and has been for some time!), and the game has been on pause for far too long. If anyone can get Aaron to respond to an email, please get him to answer which of the three he's prepared to do:
A) Announce progress
B) Announce project being dead
C) Give us source code

Honestly, the game doesn't have to die. I have a 3-man dev team willing to pick up the task if he's not up to it. If he's just going to continue developement of this game, even better. At the very least, he could let us know that the project is officially dead.

For those interested, my dev team consists of myself (programmer, bgm composer), my good friend Jake (design specialist, idea generator, bug finder), and friend/punching-bag (kidding!) Nate. (Consultant) We tend to do small projects for fun, and have been meaning to work on something larger for a while now.

Anyways, I'm really just making a thread to post my thoughts on the matter, and see what few remaining people think.
EDIT: Hell, it could even be turned into a GitHub community project.

RE: Somebody find Aaron Bishop - Weridoguy - 03-21-2017 06:13 PM

If I recall correctly, someone said a few years back that they lived in the same town as Aaron? If it's difficult to get in touch with Aaron, maybe they will know something?

Also, would be really cool if you tried to revive the project! You would become the third Aaron!

RE: Somebody find Aaron Bishop - aaron - Yesterday 09:32 PM

Hey Durdur -- I did reply to your previous message, but did so directly to your yahoo email, so maybe you didn't get it:

Hi durdur,

And happy new year! I haven't forgotten about Uberdark -- currently gathering strength to re-re-rewrite my modeling program. Was hoping this version would allow me to churn out high-quality models, but it still has some shortcomings that make it difficult to work with.

As for the game itself, I'm working on getting a new version together, but it's amazing how a year can fly by...


Of course, that was four months ago -- and progress has been slow.