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Whats up :) - Jupelius - 07-11-2015 11:52 AM

Im little bored here, so just wandering around forum and hey, there seems to be introductuons section aswell Big Grin
Very observant from me Rolleyes

So im intrested to see where this game goes. As minecraft was one of my favorite games.
As there is so many bad mincraft clones, and this was those few that had some original sight Smile

In real life i am goldsmith who uses 3D graphics on Nurbs, voxels, mesh and just about anything to make things happens Smile
And i do have also craftsmanship talents, so i am also finishing those to product Smile
Still, im not going to but any links or anything for that subject.

Other thing is im hobbyist developer, as im not ever released any games.
All are just have been unfinished games for just myself and my friends enjoyment Smile Mainly 2D games...
And i do all graphics and stuff them myself.

Now im wondering if my newest project will eventyally go to googleplay.
Atleast nowdays im trying to finish things that i start Rolleyes Well...

I'm always geniously engenius man whose ignorance of everything Big Grin
Not so fond of reading things, but more of trying things.
Anyway, thats who i am Smile

oh, and i have jumped to along this beta in 43 version... SO I JUST MISSED THE WATER THEN! Tongue
Oh, i remember how fun the water was in minecraft alpha/beta...

RE: Whats up :) - durdur - 07-11-2015 12:53 PM

The water was always fun, which is why I'm waiting for it to be fully put back in.

RE: Whats up :) - powerofwar - 07-13-2015 03:33 PM

Hello! Welcome to the forum sir Smile